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Argis ATM Network is a full-service ATM company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our network currently has 31 ATMS around Milwaukee. We can handle all aspects of the business including installation, processing, cashing, and servicing. We are a local small business, easy to reach, and prompt in handling maintenance and other issues.

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Do you need an ATM?

Is your business cash-only? Even if it's not, some people prefer to use cash. Give your customers what they want, and make a percentage of the surcharge. There are several options if you wish to have an ATM in your location. You can buy the machine, and put the money in it yourself, and you'll get the entire surcharge. Alternatively, we can supply the machine and money, and the surcharge is split, depending on transaction volume.

Some of our cash-only locations around Milwaukee were sick of constantly increasing credit card fees. Now, instead of getting a bill from their card processor every month, they get a check from us!

We have ATMs in many different businesses:

- Liquor Stores

- Convenience Stores

- Laundromats

- Bars

- Restaurants

About Argis ATM Network

Founded in 2016 by two local entrepreneurs. We got into the ATM business when we bought our own ATM for our liquor store. We've since expanded rapidly and look to continue the pace. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you're interested in our services.